Welcome to my Weekend Blog.

I write about all the ways I’ve found to keep a young family entertained and occupied during the weekends and school holidays.  I highlight family friendly holiday hotels, restaurants, café etc.

When I’m not writing this blog I run a Website Consultancy Business who are kindly sponsoring this blog by paying for the hosting and bandwidth. Previously I was a software engineer and then IT Manager specialising in the legal sector. I now have a son, daughter and a husband who is supposed to be an IT Systems Architect but seems to spend most evenings programming or writing reports.

I welcome guest blogs and ideas for new stories, press releases, product to reviews and articles. You can e-mail me your ideas to editor@SaturdayAndSunday.co.uk I do receive lots of e-mails and ideas and am not always able to respond to every single e-mail but I really try to, so you should get a reply even if it’s only to say thanks but I can’t use your idea.

If you don’t get a reply from me within a week and you think you have a really great idea please e-mail me a reminder and I’ll get back to you. I don’t mind receiving stories or ideas from commercial organisations as long as they have something which is really new or interesting – I won’t publish anything I don’t personally like and don’t have time to get into long discussions if I reject your press release or idea.

In order to help fund the cost of developing and hosting the site, occasional product links included in the blog are affiliate links and we include some paid for advertising. I don’t include products just because they’re affiliate links and never include affiliate links to products I wouldn’t purchase or use myself.

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