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Each week I look forward to watching Gardeners World on BBC 2. Some time ago I started making rough notes as I watched as a form of mindful viewing. It’s such a relaxing programme to watch that if you are not careful it’s over and you’ve not fully taken onboard all of Monty Dons great gardening advice.

So while I can’t promise I’ll have time to make notes every week, whenever I can I publish my notes in the form of a blog and add a link to the blog on this page. If you ever have any questions or comments fo please let me know. I’m a keen gardener and love research more deeply the plants and ideas discussed in the programme.

Notes from Gardeners’ World 2019

Gardeners’ World March 22nd 2019 Notes

Gardeners’ World Notes for March 15th 2019

Notes from Gardeners’ World March 8th 2019

Gardeners’ World March 29th 2019 Notes

Gardeners’ World April 5th 2019 Notes

Gardeners World April 12th 2019 Notes / Transcript

Gardeners World April 19th 2019 Notes

Gardeners World April 26th 2019 Notes

Notes from Gardeners’ World 2018

Gardeners’ World June 8th 2018 #GardenersWorld

Notes from Gardeners’ World June 1st 2018 #GardenersWorld

Notes from BBC Gardeners’ World May 18th 2018 #GardenersWorld

Notes from Gardeners’ World, broadcast May 11th 2018 – Episode 8 #GardenersWorld


Gardening notes from previous years



Gardening Jobs for the weekend – mid June.

Gardening Jobs for the weekend with the Children – Last weekend in June

 Gardening Jobs for the weekend – First weekend in August

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