It’s nice to feel you’ve achieved something at the weekend no matter how small.  Yesterday I thought I’d tackle to dripping tap in the kitchen. I’ve been thinking about getting a plumber in or doing it myself since Christmas but this week the annoying drip became even more frequent and something had to be done.  As it turned out it was a really easy job, once I had the right tools.  First I removed the cap from the tap using a screwdriver only to find that I’d then need a socket spanner that we didn’t have to remove the valve.  So then popped down to B&Q to get the spanner.  Having bought the spanner I was then able to remove the valve and found it was a ceramic valve rather than the sort that just need a replacement washer, so back to B&Q with the old valve.  Luckily they had an exact match so I bought a pair for hot and cold and came home and completed the job.  It really was so easy and excluding petrol cost less than £15, and that includes the cost of the spanner which has now been added to our toolkit.