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Ideas to Keep the children busy in the garden over half-term (June 2nd 2017)

I hope you are all enjoying the half term holiday. It’s the start of June and you can practically see the plants growing in the countryside. This half term we’ve been helping the children really enjoy the garden, learn about plants and relate this to what they are studying in maths with measurements and understanding the seasons.

Norfolk Countryside field of spring wheat


My garden overlooks the farm where the Spring Wheat us growing quickly. Over the last couple of weeks the wheat has started to swell and the crop is looking really healthy.



The children helped plant the  runner beans out into the garden. We started this back in March on a rainy weekend. The children enjoyed filling the little pots with compost, putting the seeds in and writing out the labels. We then geminated the seeds in our small greenhouse. We planted these out last weekend (Sunday May 28th 2017).  Since then my son has been measuring them each day and recording the measurements (click here for the latest). They are growing at about 20mm per day, which is great to maintain the interest of children.



I take my geranium pots into the garage over winter to protect them from frost. I keep them outside near the house until the frosts start in late October / early November. I brought them back out of the garage in March and have started to feed them once a week with tomato fertiliser. They are looking nice and healthy now and I expect we’ll have flowers in the next few weeks.

I love growing herbs around the garden. I always think they are really over priced in supermarkets and it’s almost impossible to have what herb you need when you are cooking at home if you don’t grow them yourself.  Each herb has a distinctive smell, taste and appearance which again is great for engaging children. They love me to test them on the names of the herbs and what dishes they are used in as we walk around the garden. I thought I’d share the above picture of one of the varieties of Sage that I grow because it has come out in flower today (June 2nd 2017). The flowers don’t last long but the bees do love them while they last.


Finally to illustrate again how quickly the garden is growing this time of year the above picture shows a row of rocket that I planted with the children last weekend (May 27th). The seeds geminated within 3 days and the seedlings are going quickly now.  You can’t quite see it in this picture but to the left is a row of radishes we planted about 4 weeks ago. The children are fascinated by these and we should be eating them in a week or two. If we get time this weekend we’ll plant another row so that we have a constant supply throughout the summer.

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