Bruschetta quick and easy

Quick & Easy Bruschetta

I’m not sure you can really call this a recipe because it’s so simple, but that simplicity is its what makes this bruschetta so special and one of my favorite things to eat. It’s little more than some salad on toast really. I did this for our evening meal earlier in the week after having a large salad with some pizza at lunchtime. We had some nice salad left over which I putaway in the fridge for later, not wanting to waste it. Normally for a Bruschetta you would ideally have some nice artisan crusty bread. I didn’t quite have that to hand but I did have a nice wholemeal sliced loaf from our local bakers (Linzers in Norwich), and nice mild tasty garlic from our garden, which we harvest last year and which has kept outside remarkably well.  Armed then with bread for toasting, salad,garlic and olive oil I set out to make our bruschetta. 

Cooking time: 2 minutes

Serves: Allow two slices per person or one as a starter.


Ingredients for bruschetta:

  • Good quality bread for toasting
  • Nice extra virgin olive oil
  • Salad
  • Cheese (optional)
  • One clove of garlic
  • Sliced Olives (optional)
  • Nuts (to taste & optional)
Bruschetta quick and easy


  1. Prepare you salad mixture. It is essential that you dress your salad with plenty of extra virgin oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt to taste. Salt is an essential part of a salad, the word salad itself like salary coming from the word salt. I like plenty of ripe tomates on this salad so it’s ideal as we come into summer and there is a plentiful supply of fresh tomates from the garden. I find this works best if you can leave the salad to mature for and hour or two so the flavour goes into the oil. 
  2. Toast the bread – you want it well toasted but not burnt. This works well with slightly stale bread as you want the toast dry so that it cake take up the oil.
  3. While the toast is hot rub it gently with the clove of garlic. Do this to taste, go sparingly for those who are not keen on a hot garlic taste, but for those who love it consider rubbing both sides. Ideally you should know your garlic. If you grow it and have your own supply you will be familiar with its taste and stength. On the otherhand if you pick up a clove from the supermarket the taste can vary greatly. Some is imported from as far away as China and can be very hot without delivering on flavour.
  4. Cover the toast with the salad and grate over some cheese to your taste. I used some  Waitrose Duchy Extra Mature Cheddar  because a little goes a long way, it’s what I had to hand and I like it but you could equally shave some parmesan cheese  or your favorite over this.
  5. That’s it, now enjoy with a cool glass of wine!



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