Quick & simple, healthy, Lasagne by Jamie Oliver

We love Jamie’s new budget family friendly Lasagne Recipe

My family love Lasagne and over the years I’ve mostly used the Lasagne recipe from Jamie’s School Dinners.  That’s great but relatively expensive and time consuming to put together and not as healthy as it could be – although I do like the inclusion of the Butternut Squash in that version.  The other day I spotted a new Family Friendly Lasagne Recipe by Jamie Oliver on his new Family Food Tube Channel. I’ve included it below so you can watch it.

What makes this version of the recipe so great? Well, he works in extra veg, such as using a leak in the béchamel sauce. He also used Cheddar instead of parmesan and mozzarella which really helps bring down the price per portion.

I’ll be making this over the weekend for the family. It’s not only tasty but the children love helping to assemble the Lasagne layers too!

You can find Jamie’s recipe here.

Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below. Also we’d love to hear from you if you have quick, budget, family friendly recipes you really recommend.

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