Tim Peakes spacecraft attracts 1.3 million visitors as science Museum marks Apollo anniversaries with Summer of Space.

Space the final frontier for families at the Science Museum this summer

Over 1.3 million people saw astronaut Tim Peake’s Spacecraft during its 20-month tour of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales presented by Samsung and science Museum Group. The Soyuz IMA-19M now goes on permanent display in the Science Museum, launching their Summer of Space.

Tim Peake joined the Science Museum Group today (May 23rd 2019) in announcing that over 1.3 million people visited the Soyuz spacecraft from his Principia Mission during its 20-month tour of the UK. Peake announced the remarkable visitor figures as Soyuz IMA-19M was officially unveiled in anew permanent display at the Science Museum to launch a museum-wide summer of Space.

Soyuz TMA-19M is the first flown human-rated spacecraft in the Science Museum Group Collection. It goes on display at the Science Museum after touring to venues in Bradford, York, Manchester, Edinburgh, Peterborough, Cardiff and Belfast on the National! Tour of Tim Peake’s Spacecraft presented by Samsung and the Science Museum Group.

Tne KV-2 emergency space suit which was worn by Peake during his descent to Earth, and which joined the Soyuz on four, is to go on long-term display at the National Space Centre, Leicester, from this summer.

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Wright. said:

‘The record number of people who saw Tim Peake’s Soyuz spacecraft highlights how science and space travel continues To inspire us. The tour’s success underlines why we make our world-class culture accessible to everyone in all corners of the country.

Sir lan Blatchford, Director. science Museum Group said:

“The tour of TimPeake’ss spacecraft to museums in all four corners of the UK has been a testament fo the power of culture to inspire. With Russian, European and UK space ingenuity all contributing to the success of Tim’s mission, the importance of international collaboration in achieving progress for us all is more starkly obvious than ever.”

ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake. said:

“I’m incredibly proud that over 1.3 million people across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have had the chance to get up close fo my Soyuz spacecraft. It’s wonderful how the Science Museum Group and Samsung have come together through this tour to extend the Principia Mission’s impact in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Space Descent VR, the stunning virtual reality journey voiced by Tim Peake himself, accompanied the spacecraft on four, enabling nearly 50,000 people to experience in first-person the high-speed descent to Earth from the International Space Station. The VR experience was produced especially for the Science Museum Group and Is powered by the latest Samsung Gear VR technology.

As the world heralds half a century since the Apollo Moon missions, the Soyuz has been joined on display at the Science Museum by the original Apollo 10 command module simulator console: a key object in NASA’s contribution to the space race, and one which Nas never been seen in the UK before.
On long term loan from the Smithsonian, the control panel goes on display alongside the Apollo 10 command module ‘Charlie Brown, which still holds the record for the fastest crewed vehicle in history having reached 39,897 km/h during its return to Earth on 26 May 1969. The Apollo 10 mission took astronauts Gene Cernan, Tom Stafford and John Young on two successful orbits of the Moon in a dress rehearsal for the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing which followed two months later in July 1969.

The Science Museum is marking the 50™ anniversary of the lunar landing with a dedicated Summer of Space, including:

  • The Museum’s biggest ever sleepover: the Apollo Astronights featuring a lunar rover workshop and other special activities
  • IMAX screenings of Apo//o 11: First Steps which uses never before seen footage that tells the incredible story of the first moon landing
  • An in-conversation event on space travel with Brian May and Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees
  • A special preview of BBU Two s new docu-drama & Days: lo the Moon and Back
  • A screening of Smithsonian’s Apollo Moon Shot film. with a live score by Teeth of the Sea, introduced by former NASA astronaut Wally Funk
  • Space Descent VR: an immersive virtual reality experience voiced by Tim Peake
  • A range of space-themed workshops and activities as part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival including the opportunity to try on a replica spacesuit.
  • About space technology in the Science Museum Group Collection

The Science Museum Group Collection contains significant space technology objects. As well as the Soyuz IMA-19M spacecraft now on display in the Exploring Space Gallery, there is the Sokol KV-2 emergency spacesuit worn by Tim Peake and the Sokol spacesuit worn by Dr Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space. Also in the collection are seven dishes. including a bacon sandwich. made by chef Heston Blumenthal for Tim Peake’s Principia Mission.

Items from the Science Museum Group Collection related to the Apollo missions include a signed Apollo 11 Flight Plan: Apollo mission patches (now on display): a full-size replica Apollo 11 lunar lander; original charts for both the Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 missions and a lunar lander model.

The Apollo 10 command module is displayed in the Science Museum on long-term loan from the Smithsonian, as well as a piece of Moon rock on loan from NASA which was brought back by the Apollo 15 crew
Additional space-related highlights from the collection include a V-2 rocket: the British Black Arrow rocket; NASA astronaut training chair; space shuttle computer: space station toilet; full-size Eurostar 3000 satellite: prototype atomic clock for Europe’s global navigation system: the Sir Patrick Moore Archive and a Star Trek communicator toy.

Further information see collection.sciencemuseum.org.uk/search/categories/spacetecnnology

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