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Win this Amethyst Oval Bracelet in our Mother’s Day Competition.






Just tell us your favourite idea for making Mother’s Day really special and we’ll pick our favourite idea to win this lovely Amethyst Oval Bracelet supplied by our sponsors at gifts & jewellery which is worth £49.99.   It’s a simple and elegant oval Amethyst and sterling silver bracelet that consists of 7 small oval amethysts measuring 0.8 x 0.6 cm on a sterling silver chain. The chain allows the wearer to alter the length of the bracelet up to 7.5 inches.  Presented in a blue velvet presentation box, complete with a card detailing the properties of the Amethyst stone this will make an excellent gift.


Please Note: This competition is now closed.  The winning entry was from Lindy Kaur who’s entry was really original:

M-other’s Day dawns – awaken mum with a nice cup of tea
O-range juice on the menu next, all freshly squeezed by me
T-empt her next with some toast and eggs and crispy bacon
H-ope she likes the Mother’s Day card I’ve spent ages makin’
E-nclosed within a message about her being the greatest mum
R-esplendent in our finest we’re then ready for some girly fun
S-hop until we drop and our cash is blown at our favourite places

D-ine somewhere nice where we can indulge and stuff our faces
A-rrive back home, watch a movie snuggled up under the covers
Y-awn, time for bed  but not before I tell her how much I love her



How to enter & rules:

  1. Read through the Ideas for Making Mother’s Day special page to see what ideas other people have already entered.
  2. E-Mail your favourite ideas for making Mother’s Day really special to
  3. By entering you grant us the right to publish your entry in print and online.
  4. The closing date for entries is March 25th 2012
  5. The editors decision is final and we will not enter into further correspondence.
  6. The winner will be notified by e-mail on March 26th

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  1. louise ball

    I would take my mum to a spa then a nice girly night on the town, my mum deserves to relax, but she also lovea a party, so best of both

  2. lorraine dunne

    I would make sure that my mom didnt have to do anything all day. I would make her breakfast and then take her out for the day to the country where we could stop for a bit of lunch and then take her on a shopping spree where she doesnt have to spend any money to buy that dress and shoes shes had her eye on for a while. Then dinner at her favourite resturante and a show afterwards.

  3. Ann Bache

    my mum died a long time ago,but i would love to have a family party with all my children

  4. paula stephens

    I am a mum and I think this would be a lovely present to myself as amethsyt is my birthstone.

  5. Yvonne Parsons

    we lost my mum a ;little while ago but always on her special day take flowers to her grave and then as a family have a meal to remember the wonderful person she was
    amethyst was my mums favourite stone just because shes not here does not mean we still don,t celebrate her day

  6. jonathan bradley

    I would like to win this prize for my mum, as a thank you and to show how much we all appreciate her as a person and also as a mum. my mum is a nurse of over 40 years, still working but also looks after my nan who cant do alot anymore and looks after us all, never once complains. she is the glue in our family and i would like to win this competion so she can read this but also get the prize as a reward for how much we think about her and love her

  7. scott howard

    my partner is a great mother but she is always busy,so i would like to take the time to pamper her properly with a massage and i wonderful meal out,away from the three kids of course.

  8. kim mayhead

    My mum is fascinated by the war, so i would take her to the Imperial War Museum and then on to The Ritz for afternoon tea. The perfect way to end the perfect day for her.

  9. Jo Taylor

    If possible, I would take my Mum in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon- preferably as the sun was setting. Beautiful.

  10. I M Tibbott

    It is almost 9 years since my Mum passed away. Never is there a day when she doesn’t come into my mind. Amethyst was her birthstone. I would love to wear this in memory of my Mum. If I could have time with my Mum again, I would make every day special, not just Mother’s day.

  11. d mullooly

    Take time simply to listen like our mom always did

  12. Sue Warr

    It’s my 91 year old Nan who gets the Mum’s Day vote from me every year! She’s been there consistently for me through the difficult teenage years, into adulthood, on through motherhood, and is now just so much fun and a real friend to both me and my now adult sons! She also makes the best meat pie in the whole world. She loves Amethysts! She got chocolates and flowers from me for Mothers Day (She loves chocolate too!)

  13. Susan Ocock

    To make mother’s day really special – a nice cup of tea in bed a mums seem rarely to get that. Visit and have a nice day free from all the usual distractions and without cooking or “looking after” everybody. A big bunch of her favourite spring flowers also help to make it special.

  14. Pauline Dring

    My Mum has just learnt how to use a computer so I transferred all the old photographic slides onto a CD which she can view online.

  15. Karen Jones

    I would give my mum a very rare treat, a complete day just to herself to do exactly as she wishes. She looks after my step-father who has rheumatoid arthiritis and cancer as well as acting as a child minder for my nephew, so would love for her to have a day with nothing to do

  16. Soraya Rodrigues

    I would make breakfast and serve it to her in bed with a beautiful handmade card.

  17. Amy Bennett

    Spending time together, just the two of us, it’s rare we get times like that.

  18. Christine Dent

    My mum is suffering with alzheimer’s disease – a special day is a day when I can just make her smile.

  19. JO JONES

    To make any Mother feel special, simply take the time to tell her you love her and thank her for the love and influence she has given to your life. The cards and gift are just the ‘nice to have.’

  20. Greg

    listen to Mum’s advice

  21. Crystabe

    My mum died a long time ago, but as a mum and grandmother myself I would like to win a bracelet my self

  22. Jane Robertson

    I would love to have my Mum for just one day to thank her for all she did to gave me a wonderful childhood. I would love to let her see her grandchildren. She would be so proud of them. She died when I was 16 and I am now 51 and miss her very much.

  23. Hannah Whitling

    My mum died a few years ago, but i still celebrate the day. I get the nicest bunch of flowers i can afford, take them down to her grave and make sure its looking nice there. Then i have a meal with my family, and we laugh about the good times we all had with her and try and look to the good times and not feel any sadness. Shes in my thoughts each day anyway, but on Mothers day, i think of her all the more, and think back to all the special times with fondness. I would do anything juat ti have one more mothers day with her as she was my best friend as well as a fantastic mother.

  24. Caroline Ashton

    To make my mother’s day special we always meet up for a meal and then, if it’s nice afterwards, we go for a walk through the park as daffodils are her favourite flowers – little sunshine spots as she calls them. If it is raining, then we go into town for a spot of retail therapy. At the end I take her home and we share a final cup of tea before I go. It’s nothing special to most people I know, but it is to us – we are just grateful to have what time we have together and it’s the little things (knowing her favourite flowers/restaurant/shopping area) that makes it her day.

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