June 11th 2016: Jobs in the garden this weekend

The weathers a bit mixed this weekend but there are still a number of jobs to be done. It’s great to get the children involved.  Here’s my top 5 tasks for this weekend:

  1. Give your tomatoes a good feed if they have started to set their first crop of fruit. (The yellow flowers should have dropped and small green tomatoes should start to be visible.)
  2. Harvest Salad leaves. Keep picking leaves and sow new seed every couple of weeks for a constant supply throughout the summer.
  3. If you planned early potatoes then they are usually ready to lift about 10 weeks after planting. Kid’s love seeing them come out of the ground, being washed, cooked and served.
  4. Tidy up foliage from bulbs. If you’ve still got leaves from your daff’s nows the time to cut them off and tidy up.
  5. Clip hedges: Evergreens such as box, privet and yew in active growth can be trimmed now. My kids love getting involved in the sweeping up.

Whatever you do have a lovely weekend and leave some comments below.

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