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This is a brand new blog launching in January 2012.  Have you ever wondered why Saturday and Sunday seem to come and go so much faster than Monday to Friday?  The weekend is precious time which we all need to make the most of.  Without a little forward planning you can easily find yourself scratching your head on a Saturday afternoon wondering how to keep the family entertained and before you know it Sunday night arrives and you’re back to getting the kids ready for school or yourself (or the husband) ready for work on Monday.  Even if you are retired the weekends can be the only chance you get to see your children and grandchildren.

Each week in the run up to the weekend I’ll be blogging about great things to do at the weekend, great food you can cook with easy to follow recipes, film, TV, book reviews etc.  As and when we get out and about and discover great hotels, restaurants and  tearooms  we’ll write these up as reviews for you.

We will be working with a number of sponsors and hope to run competitions from time to time for prizes supplied by our sponsors.

If you have any great ideas for weekend activities do please get in touch.

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