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July 2nd 2017: A Perfect Weekend

It’s been a perfect weekend here in Norfolk with the weather just how I like it. Nice and bright, warm but not hot with a gentle breeze.

It was perfect for a Sunday afternoon ramble around the fields. I’ve taken this shot of the village church in all seasons but I love the summer, pre-harvest feel in this shot.

At the bottom of the garden as it transitions into farmland I planted a packed of Higglegy Bee Friendly Seed Mix in the spring. Last week it started to bloom and this weekend it has been covered in bees and other insects.  So looks like a good result and something I’ll be planting more of next year along this border.  It will be interesting to see how long the flowering season is on this mix and how many seed sufficiently to produce plants for next year.

In the vegetable garden we just did some weeding and planted some carrots. The runner beans are growing really quickly under these ideal growing conditions.

Just a couple of weeks to go now until the summer school holidays.

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