The Archers of Ambridge Gift Guide & Reading List.

I’ve been listening to the Archers since the days of the BBC Home Service following the lives of everyday country folk. I thought I’d put together a little page listing various Archers related books and gift ideas. In part this is as a hint to my family but also I thought it might be useful to other fans of the Archers and their friends and family.

Leading scholars combine their love of The Archers with their specialist subjects, in Custard, Culverts and Cake – a sometimes serious, but most often wry look at the people of Ambridge. A group of Archers Academics take on subjects such as food, geography, social media, faith. There is, naturally, an entire section dedicated to the Helen and Rob storyline.  – click here
The Archers Board Game
The Archers Board Game – click here
The intrepid team of researchers who brought you Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in The Archers return with a hard-hitting exposé on the lives of the women of Ambridge. In this new book, the Archers Academics are joined by former The Archers editor, Alison Hindell and real-life Academic Archer Dr Charlotte Connor (a.k.a. Susan Carter), to examine the power of gossip in Ambridge, portrayals of love, marriage, and motherhood, female education and career expectations, women’s mental health and the hard-won right of women to play cricket.  

Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge gives the reader a deeper understanding of the real life issues covered in the programme, an insight into the residents of Ambridge, and validation that hours of listening to The Archers is, in fact, academic research. – Click here to view on Amazon

Tim Bentinck Being David Archer
Timothy Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers since 1982. He is also the Earl of Portland and the voice of ‘Mind The Gap’ on the Piccadilly Line. Aimed primarily at the five million regular Archers listeners, Timothy takes the reader behind the scenes of the longest running drama series in the world, a British institution with a theme tune that Billy Connolly wants to be the National Anthem. – Hardback from about £13. Click for details.
Keep Calm and Dum di dum Lined Notebook for Archers fans: A lined notebook for journals, passwords, poetry, addresses, creative ideas & emergency lists – click for details.
Archived Archers recordings from the 1950's, 60, and 70's CD cover.
Archers, The The Best Of Vintage (BBC Audio) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged
by Charles Collingwood (Reader), Full Cast (Reader), Gwen Berryman (Reader), Ysanne Churchman (Reader) – Click picture for more details.
Keep Calm and Listen to the Archers Mug
Keep Calm and Listen to the Archers Mug – click on it for details.
For the love of the Archers - an unofficial companion.
For the Love of The Archers: An Unofficial Companion – click on picture for details.

The Archers Frequently Asked Questions…..

Q: Who created the archers?
The Archers was created by Godfrey Baseley. It was created by Godfrey Baseley and was broadcast to the English Midlands in the Regional Home Service, as ‘a farming Dick Barton’. Recordings were sent to London, and the BBC decided to commission the series for a longer national run.

Q: Who played john archer in the Archers?
Sam Barriscale played John Archer