Make the most of fresh local Asparagus while it’s in season.

I popped out to our local farm shop this afternoon and couldn’t resist the fresh local Asparagus they had on sale and while I was at it their own salad mix grown in the fields behind the farm shop. Whenever I can i like to try and eat what’s in season locally – the benefit being it’s really fresh, packed with goodness and low in food miles.  I really like warm salads at the moment so I cooked up Asparagus wrapped in bacon and a lovely salad with a lemon, olive oil and tomato dressing.


First put the oven on as high as it will go so that it’s warming up.  I then started by washing and prepping the Asparagus.  It always pays to snap off the ends.  You’ll find that it snaps just where it starts to become woody and tough. I then put the Asparagus in a saucepan with some salted water and brought it to the boil for no more than 5 minutes.  Then I drained the water and mixed in some butter, salt and pepper and put the lid back on the saucepan for a few minutes so that the Asparagus would soak up all the savoury buttery mix.



Then I put the contents on the saucepan out onto an old backing tray to cool a little.  I then wrapped each piece of Asparagus in streaky bacon.  I like to wrap it from the spear end so that it’s protected while cooking.  When that’s done put them in the oven for about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on them and turn them over once or twice.  Given them a little longer if you like your bacon crisp.


When the bacon is cooked to your liking take them out of the oven and plate up – eat while warm.



Asparagus with a fresh summer salad.  Would be great with a nice glass of chilled white wine. A lovely way to finish the Bank Holiday weekend.

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