Runner Beans being Planted.

Planting Runner Beans with the children over Easter.

Each year we like to grow runner beans with the children as it’s one of those fast-growing plants that keeps them interested, during May and June they can grow 5 to 10 cms a day so the children can practically see them growing.

Growing your own fruit and veg is also a great way to encourage your children to eat more fruit and veg with their meals. For example, having grown Kale this year I’m pleased to report that my children are now happy to eat it.

Runner Beans being Planted.

We’ve set-up a new 2019 Runner Bean growth page which we’ll update weekly initially and then daily through May, June and July until they get too tall for the children to measure. We’ll then record the weight of any beans we harvest and record this on the page as well.

You’ll also find links on this page to previous years.

Click here for the 2019 Runner Bean Growing Experiment.

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