Spring-time flowers

What a typical spring day it is today. One minute blue skies, the next showers. However, despite the rain, the longer days and the warming sun to come will surely lift anyone’s spirits, including mine. I love Spring and in particular, nature renewing itself. This includes greens leaves sprouting on trees, beautiful wild flowers and daffodils poking their heads up through the hedgerows. In particular, I like buying seasonal produce. I had some delicious asparagus last week, and the ruburb in my garden is just right for picking.

When looking at flowers, that is a bit more difficult to decide. We are so used to supermarkets selling flowers selling all flowers in all seasons to satisfy the public demand. However, if you want the most beautiful looking flowers that will cost the least, look for what is in season. This is especially important if you are planning a wedding. You may want a beautiful bouquet of lily of the valley, but it may not be within your budget given it is such a dainty flower and you will need a lot of it to make a bouquet. However, peonies are in full bloom at the moment and are stunning as are beautifully fragrant sweet peas, traditional roses, which all making beautiful wedding bouquets. Perhaps this why so many weddings are in Spring?

Beautiful Bridesmaids Bouquets
Beautiful Rose and Peony Bouquets
Close up of white rose and pink peony bouquet
Close up of bouquet
Flowers for Wedding Tables
Wedding Spring table settings

If you are looking to plan a wedding or just to purchase a stunning bouquet and you live in the Norwich area, don’t go to the big chains, give the independent Florists in Norwich a try such as Claire Carney, not only she a florist for Norwich and surrounding areas, she can also provide stunning balloon creations for Norwich and Norfolk which will complete your wedding.

Wedding Balloons Bride and Groom
A fun balloon addition to a wedding
Wedding Balloons Table Settings
Balloons for wedding table settings

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