8 Tips To Have Wonderful Holiday With Your Friends

8 Tips To Have Wonderful Holiday With Your Friends

Guest post by Christopher Meloni, Marketing Manager at Dealslands UK

Friends are the best things in our life after family. For many people they matter more than their family too. We laugh, cry, fight as well as share our deepest secrets with our friends. They are the inevitable part of our life. It is really  fun to be with your friends and get to spend some amazing time together. Most of the time people plan trips out with their friends. Trips can be small like weekend ones or sometimes long ones. Whatever be the trip, you need to follow some tips or rules so that you remain as friends even when you come back.

They are:

Money management

It is necessary to have a clear idea on how much you can spend on the trip before you get started. All the friends must sit together and decide on the budget that can be spent by individual person. This will save you from unwanted arguments on the trip. It may happen that some may be planning to go to a nearest hotel and have cheap food while you must be planning to have a champagne party. So it is better to sort out things in advance.

Bill splitting

Many a times it happens that one of the members takes the responsibility of the bills. This may make you owe someone. Avoid being owed or owing people. So the best thing is to split the bills and let everyone take the share. Decide this in the beginning itself. This will save you from the awkward moments and arguments at the restaurant or hotel.

Learn to compromise

At times it may be that you don’t want to go to somewhere like a water park, but rest of the team may be planning want to. In this situation, trying to be adamant and spoiling the plan is not a good idea. Know that you will also get the chance to plan another destination or spot for the next day. So better go with the flow and enjoy the trip.

Split the group

It may happen that half of the group wants to go on shopping while others want to take a rest on the beach. In such situation, split the group into two. Let the people enjoy doing what they want. It is not always necessary to be in the group.

Get some time alone

At times, it may happen that you want to stay alone and have a good sleep while your friends may be planning an adventure. It is true that people cannot be sociable on the day long. So having a break is understandable.

Avoid saying things that you don’t need to

While you are on the holidays, everyone will be in the happy mood. So better avoid talking about the things that may spoil the mood or hurt anyone.

Avoid alcohol troubles

Many a times alcohol can create problems. So make sure you don’t drink too much. Some people fight with others or become unsteady when they drink. So it is better to control yourself and drink in a limit.

Keep headphones

Sometimes some of your friends may turn out to annoy or irritate you. So better carry headphones as they can be the way to avoid arguments.

Remember that you people are out together so as to chill out and have some amazing time. So make sure that you don’t become the reason to spoil things.


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