Well done Jamie

Well done Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has had a good weekend. His new book Everyday Super Food is at number one in the bookseller charts. It’s got some great family friendly recipes and lots of nutritional advice. It’s much more approachable than his comfort food book for the novice cook,more along the lines of his School Dinners Classic in terms of simplicity. The picture below is from The HappyFoodie, showing Jamie’s Mushroom Curry:

Mushroom Curry Picture

TheHappyFoodie: Mighty Mushroom Curry from @jamieoliver’s Everyday Super Food. #JamiesSuperFood


Maybe more importantly his petition to have a tax added sugary soda drinks has reached 100,000 signatures which means it will be debated in parliament. If you watched watched Jamie’s Suger Rush special on Channel 4 in the UK last Thursday you’ll know how serious the problem of sugar consumption has now got in the UK.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 21.12.08


Sugar in drinks chart

If you’re not sure how much sugar you should be consuming you’ll find a really well written blog on Jamie Oliver.com here. In summary it’s no more than 30g or 7 teaspoons of added sugar per day  for adults and significantly less for children. So looking at the chart above once small carton of Ribena or one can of regular coke is the maximum you should consume.

Here’s the video Jamie did live as the petition reached 100,000+

Sign the petition sugar tax https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/106651

Posted by Jamie Oliver on Saturday, 5 September 2015

Keep up the good work Jamie! Over the next few weeks I’m looking forward to cooking more recipes from Everyday Super Foods and watching his new TV Series.

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