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  1. Take mum out to lunch at her favourite restaurant with all the family and then have a nice long walk in the countryside.  (Example)
  2. Well I would say just having the family round on that special mothers day would do it. (Iain Maciver)
  3. I would make sure that my mom didnt have to do anything all day. I would make her breakfast and then take her out for the day to the country where we could stop for a bit of lunch and then take her on a shopping spree where she doesnt have to spend any money to buy that dress and shoes shes had her eye on for a while. Then dinner at her favourite restaurant and a show afterwards. (Lorraine Dune)
  4. I would take my mum to a spa then a nice girly night on the town, my mum deserves to relax, but she also lovea a party, so best of both. (Louise Ball)
  5. Make a scrapbook of all your childhood memories to give to your mum. (Sarah Cooper)
  6. My mum loves afternoon tea, with scones and clotted cream! (Lorraine Polley)
  7. Mum at the moment is constantly caring for my step father. I would firstly make sure that he was looked after for the day, so that she would not fret. i would then take her to London in a private car, well away from the tensions and trials of home. We would then find a pub for a bar snack, before I took her to see a matinee of her favourite musical, at the moment Dream Boys. Afterwards we would go for dinner in a small inexpensive restaurant, as anything too fancy would make her uncomfortable. Over dinner I would give her a memory book, with pictures of her and of our family, with special pages for comments from me my step brothers and her grandchildren. We would chat and reminisce and just linger. We would get back into the car to come home there would be a drink waiting for her and a gift for her to keep.  As we drove home we would carry on chatting, as its time together that it so precious , and time that we so very really have. (Mark Whittaker)
  8. Telling her you love her- thank her for her love, flowers, chocolates and lunch out on the town! (Nikki Hilton)
  9. My mothers day would start with breakfast in bed (bacon Sarnies), Drinking frothy coffee, Shopping at the Metro Centre then to the pictures and have popcorn and ice cream For the evening a meal at my favourite Italian Then after with being so stuffed going home to sit in the garden in my garden swing seat watching the night sky with a glass of wine while cuddling my hubby. (Lesley Hamilton)
  10. A champagne afternoon tea. (Tracy Newton)
  11. To make Mother’s Day special it’s important to get away from the commercially driven end of Mother’s Day and remember it arose so that girls in service could see their mothers. So  while it is lovely to give a thoughtful present the important thing to give your mother on Mother’s Day is plenty of your time.  (Hazel Rea)
  12. I would get the kids to make a special cake and invite my mum round for the day where she is waited on all day, with a roast dinner and then a special tea with all the family. (Sarah Miles)
  13. M-other’s Day dawns – awaken mum with a nice cup of tea
    O-range juice on the menu next, all freshly squeezed by me
    T-empt her next with some toast and eggs and crispy bacon
    H-ope she likes the Mother’s Day card I’ve spent ages makin’
    E-nclosed within a message about her being the greatest mum
    R-esplendent in our finest we’re then ready for some girly fun
    S-hop until we drop and our cash is blown at our favourite placesD-ine somewhere nice where we can indulge and stuff our faces
    A-rrive back home, watch a movie snuggled up under the covers
    Y-awn, time for bed  but not before I tell her how much I love her  (Lindy Kaur)
  14. For kids – be really really well behaved & do all the things you get nagged for 364 other days of the year! (Laura Pritchard)
  15. I would bring my mother up to Milton Keynes from Crowborough in a chauffered white limo, complete with champers, to see her beautiful great granddaughter of 9 months, whom she rarely gets to visit, as she is no longer able to drive. (Vicky Ritson)
  16. To make mother’s day special I would take my mum out for the day to a National trust house and gardens of her choice where I would also treat her to lunch.  We would spend most of the day there walking around the house and gardens and I would buy her a gift in the shop to remember the day.  I would take her out for dinner and then take her home and we would watch a film together. I love my mum. (Sarah)
  17. I would like to spend a full day with my mum.  It would consist of a pamper morning at a local spa then a lunch prepared for us by Gordan Ramsey.  We would then have a nice leisurely stroll and finish the day at a theatre watching a show. (Sam)
  18. Taking my mother to a National trust house and gardens of her choice where I would also treat her to lunch.  This is great, my mum would love this as she is a national trust member, she also knows where the best tea rooms are, whats the best cake to have, and the cleanest toilets (most important!!!) (Elaine Stokes)
  19. I sent my mother a bunch of flowers with a note apologising for not going to visit her on Mother’s Day. I then turned up out of the blue with one of her favourite home-made cakes and a bottle of champagne. She had been so disappointed that I wasn’t visiting that the look on her face when I knocked on her door was priceless! (Bev)
  20. To make mother’s day special for my wonderful mum, who has had an extremely difficult year, as my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome, I did a number of small, little things, that let her know how much we love and appreciate everything she has done for us.First of all, quite mundane I know, but I made her breakfast in bed – all on a tray, including a single rose and a pile of her favourite magazines so she could have a lovely long luxurious start to the morning.I followed this up by placing vases of her favourite flowers (which my dad used to buy for her) all around the house downstairs, so when she came down, she would see and smell them everywhere.I did the housework for her whilst making sure she did nothing but put her feet up all day, watching all her favourite films on DVD and reading the newspaper whilst I did her housework.In the late afternoon, I sent her for a long luxurious soak in the bath – having bought her some gorgeous new smellies and when she came out of the bath, I gave her a manicure and painted her nails, something she hasn’t ever had done before.In the evening, the family took her out for a meal to her favourite restaurant, where she used to go on her anniversary with dad.When we took mum home, we made sure there was a huge box of chocolates for her to enjoy,  (Hayley)
  21. To make Mother’s Day Special, I get to my mum’s house before she gets up, make her favourite breakfast and top it off with a little glass of champagne to get her started. Then we head off to Glasgow for a day of shopping with lunch in a nice restaurant. In the afternoon, we finish off our shopping, have a quick bit for dinner then off to the theatre for a show and finally into a hotel for the night. (Louise)
  22. My favorite idea for making Mother’s Day really special:Garden makeover – placing out pots and planters of favourite flowers of springtime flowers in her garden – around in strategic places so that when see wakes up and looks out she will get a lovely surprise, and that before breakfast lunch and the usual things so that her day really does sta=rt of as special. (Jimmy)
  23. As a mother, it isn’t getting a card or a present, or being taken out that is important (although it is very nice!). Nowadays it is a visit or a phonecall from my daughters just to wish me a happy day and declare me the best mummy ever! When they were little it was their attempts to give me a day off which really touched my heart. It is the little things that make it really special; the love reciprocated and appreciation shown- if only for one day! (sheila)
  24. Mothers day ~ Making it special. Most mums will agree that their heart skipped a beat when they received home made cards off their young
    children. It was often the lovely little message they wrote inside, all grammatically clumsy but straight from the heart.I feel that it is all too easy to order flowers or a box of chocs when what would be appreciated more and seen as more special
    would be to give some time to mum. Whether it’s making that effort to visit or if you already live nearby then take some
    time to make something for her, some shortbread biscuits, a pot of jam, flowers/foliage from the garden tied with a pretty ribbon.
    As a mum I can tell you that it does not matter one bit what the gift is, it really is the thought that counts, the knowing that
    your child has thought of you on the run up to mothers day and put some plan to please you into action. And don’t worry
    if you are not any good at arts and crafts or in the kitchen, your effort will be even more appreciated. A tub of mis-shaped
    homemade half cooked biscuits from a son or a daughter who normally avoids the kitchen will bring tears to mums eyes. (Hopefully in a good way). (D)
  25. My idea for making Mothers Day special is to gather family and friends together for a picnic and afternoon out walking and enjoying the start of spring. There are always alternative ways to do it if the weather doesn’t co-operate! Its a really nice time to bring everyone together for socialising. (Hazel)
  26. I would get her children together and have a family portrait taken as now they are grown up they do not visit at the same time.I would also take her out for a family meal. (Debbie)
  27. My favourite idea for making Mother’s Day really special was simply to get my mum to come here for the day to be pampered by her grandchildren and have a lovely home cooked meal surrounded by the family. (Denice)
  28. To make any Mother feel special, simply take the time to tell her you love her and thank her for the love and influence she has given to your life. The cards and gift are just the ‘nice to have.’ (Jo)
  29. For me having two young children I find that mothers day is made really special by doing something as a family at home that is simple but fun so like baking…but getting dad involved too in the icing for example!. (Alison)
  30. For a special mother’s day I would love to bring together all the mothers of different generations in my family – we would have 22 of us ranging from 17 to 93! i sadly don’t think it will be possible because we are spread around the worldn in Australia, Italy, Singapore and all parts of the UK … but wouldn’t it be lovely to meet, chat, swop stories anmd see everyone together! What an amazing Mother’s Day that could be! (Carole)
  31. Best thing is to take Mum away for the day (or weekend if funds allow) to her favourite place so that she cannot do any chores, she gets waited on and she has an enjoyable time. (June)
  32. My favourite idea of making mothers day special was to have mother and daughter time i took her to london we watched a show had lunch and had quality time together. (Jo)
  33. The best way to make Mother’s Day really special would be to give your mum something really special – an Amethyst Oval Brooch for example! Her birthday may not be in February, but the qualities of wisdom, spirituality, sobriety and security would stand any mother in good stead. (Anne)
  34. I would love to spoil my mum from the first minute till the last minute of the day and beyond. I would buy her a big bouquet of flowers and some chocolates which my mum loves. Then I made her breakfast in bed which made my dad angry because he had to make his own which put a smile on my mums face. I then would take her to a spa and relax for 2-3 hours of just pure indulgence. Then go out to eat and just to pamper her and do things that she loves. My mum is incredible and I wouldn’t just do it for mothers day i would do it everyday because she is amazing in my eyes. (Mayur)
  35. My idea for Making mothers day special is having homemade cards and presents from my children. I much prefer these to shop bought cards and presents as you can see the thought and love that has gone into them. (Sarah)
  36. We make mothers day special by working out a timetable between us and each doing what we are best at to give Mum a special day.My brother is a driver so he puts on a ‘chauffer’ uniform and ferries mum about all day. My sister is a chiropodist so Mum is delivered to my sister’s house where she has her feet ‘done’.

    My daughter is a brilliant cook so she cooks a meal for everyone.

    My niece is a hairdresser so she does Mum’s hair.

    Hubby is a gardener so while Mum is being ferried around to her treats he mows the lawn and plants flowers that we have all contributed towards.

    I don’t have any particular skills to offer so I ‘mind’ Dad while Mum has a day out. Dad has dementia and Mum is his carer 24/7 so I do my bit by giving Mum a restful day knowing that Dad is being looked after. (Susan)

  37. To make mothers day special I used my head,
    And remembered what my mother had said,
    She’d hidden her soap and bought new,
    When a visit from auntie was due,
    So I bought her some hand wash and cream,
    From a shop, from which she could only dream,
    Now she’s always prepared for the next visit,
    And her bathroom toiletries are wonderfully exquisite !! (Jodie)
  38. Visit Mom on her special day with a nice card & gift, then have her round to mine to cook her a favourite roast lamb dinner.
  39. Tea in bed made by someone other than me, then a relaxing morning, followed by a drive somewhere pretty and a lovely meal out in a good restaurant, the kids behaving all day would really help ;-)
  40. i always cook my mum something special because nobody usually cooks for her x (Maureen)
  41. My fav idea for Mother’s Day is to simply spend time with your mother, you don’t need fancy gifts or expensive treats, the best gift is the gift of spending some quality time with your Mum. For those of us who sadly no longer have a Mother with us, the gift of time is priceless. (T. Lathwell)
  42. I think Mothers Day is so special – an opportunity for all the family for a nice meal – in the home or at restaurant -just so special having time together – thanks (Barbara)
  43. Spoiling my Mum for the day would start with taking her breakfast in bed and treating her to flowers and a nice gift to show my appreciation of all she has done for me.
    Making sure my Mum has a day when I run around after her, whilst she relaxes all day doing the things she wants to do. (Margaret)
  44. Its got to be Breakfast in bed with flowers etc (Helen)
  45. Making Mother’s Day special not as easy as it seems
    How do you give your mother the day of her dreams?
    Well my mum has had a hard time of late and so the day would start
    Making sure she knows I love her with all of my heart.
    She would get treated to breakfast in bed, simple tea and toast
    Nothing too fancy as she prefers simplicity the most
    I would buy her nice flowers to really make her smile
    But would also treat her to something that would last her for a while.
    We would go out for the day, just my mum and me
    And take our cameras to sonewhere by the sea.
    My mum she loves photography so this day would mean a lot
    And a break from normality is something she hasn’t often got.
    When daylight starts to fade and our photographs are done
    I’d ask her if her special day had been fun.
    Then to end a perfect day we’d go out for a nice meal
    Makes a change from cooking she’ll say “it’s a deal”
    When back at home that night my mum would smile and say
    That Mother’s Day was special in each and every way. (Rebecca)
  46. My Mum is special every Day not just Mothers Day
    (Mums are for life not just Mothers Day) (Angle)
  47. I think it’s time to do something crazy on Mother’s Day.
    I’ve done the spa, shopping and whatever.
    Take her to Alton Towers and she can go up and down, round and round.
    What a day to share and remember!
    To say Mum, you rock my world! (Bex)
  48. Making her breakfast in bed, but hiding an amethyst bracelet under the toast. (Conrad)

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