We’re already halfway through January 2019.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far. I thought I’d do a quick post tonight to highlight that this week marks the halfway point for January 2019, or put another way we’re about 4% of the way through the year already.

Incase you haven’t seen my new Countdown to Easter page, today (Sunday 13th Jan) is 97 days until Easter.

So if you made a New Years resolution and you’re sticking to it then well done, the longer you stick to it the easier it becomes (apparently) as the behaviour becomes a habit.

For those of us who made plans for the year, the halfway point in January is a great reminder that time waits for no one. Can you honestly say you’ve achieved 4% of your planned objectives for 2019 yet?

So keep up the good work and see what you can achieve before the end of the month.

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