What was the cheese in Jamie Olivers ​vegan lasagne?

ie Oliver Vegan Lasagne.
Vegan Lasagne by Jamie Oliver

Friday Night Feasts on Channel four this week featured Romesh Ranganathan as the guest cook. The show started with Jamie saying he’d found the perfect vegan cheese to make a vegan lasagne but for whatever reason, he doesn’t go on to name the cheese in the programme or indeed on his website.

Thankfully Jamie Oliver himself later provided the answer when he was subjected to a torrent of people on Twitter point out this mistake.

Jamie replied a tweet from Jess asking “Please someone tell me what that vegan cheese on the lasagne was? It looked heavenly!”, with the answer “Hey Jess, that’d be Koko dairy free Cheddar”.

What was the cheese in Jamie's vegan lasagne?

Koko dairy free vegan Cheddar

Apparently other comments then go onto say that this is available in Waitrose. Most people say it’s OK but I’ve also seen a few which say it tastes a little of Coconut.

Update: February 10th 2019 – This is now available via Waitrose Online and can be found here.

If you’ve tried this vegan cheese or made Jamie’s vegan lasagne I’d love to hear what you think of them. Please leave a comment below.

Romesh Ranganathan and Jamie Oliver’s on The Graham Norton Show talking about his vegan Lasagne.

Romesh Ranganathan and Jamie Oliver’s Lasagne sounds incredible | The Graham Norton Show – BBC December 18th 2021

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  1. Andrea Green

    I’ve been vegan 5 and a half years and tried the koko cheese last week. For the first time. I’m just watching the episode for the first time now with Romesh and I do think this cheese has the best vegan cheese texture and the taste is really good, if a little bland.

  2. Allycat

    Sorry to be a party pooper but it just tastes like all the other vegan cheeses. Until they stop using coconut oil as the base they are all going to taste awful. Nutcrafter is the best but nothing with a melting cheddar type texture. So disappointing.

    • Emily

      Will try this one but Tyne Chease still the best I’ve tasted yet

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