September 17th 2017…our runner beans have finished for another year. 

Runner Bean Growth Stats 2017


This year William was learning about measurements in maths so we thought we would measure the growth of our runner beans each day at least until they are taller than William.  We’ll also make a note on this page when we get our first harvest of runner beans and good for KS1 and 2.


Date Height (mm) Comments
May 28th 2017 200mm
May 29th 2017
May 30th 2017 230mm
May 31st 2017
June 1st 2017
June 2nd 2017 270mm
June 3rd  2017 290mm
June 4th  2017 310mm
June 5th  2017 320mm
June 6th  2017 320mm Weather has turned very cold (14c) and wet – growth seems to have been affected by this.
June 7th  2017 335mm Weather still cold (19c) and windy.
June 8th  2017 350mm
June 9th  2017 380mm
June 10th  2017 410mm
June 11th  2017 450mm Nice warm day 24c
June 12th  2017 480mm
June 13th  2017
June 14th  2017 510mm
June 15th  2017 530mm
June 16th  2017 580mm Lovely warm day and the beans enjoyed a good soak with the hosepipe last night.
June 17th  2017 660mm
June 18th  2017 740mm We checked this twice – they really did grow 80mm in one day.  It has been really warm, almost 30c and we gave them lots of water last night.
June 19th  2017 820mm
June 20th  2017 900mm
June 21st  2017 990mm
June 22nd  2017 1070mm
June 23rd  2017 1130mm It’s been a long hot week with just a few minutes rain. We are expecting a wet weekend so it will be interesting to see if this affects the rate of growth.
June 24th  2017 1200mm
June 25th  2017 1280mm
June 26th  2017 n/a
June 27th  2017 n/a
June 28th  2017 n/a
June 29th  2017 n/a
June 30th  2017 1550mm Today is the first day since the 25th that we have been able to get outside and take a measurement. It has been a very wet and stormy week. However this does mean that the beans have had plenty of rain water and have grown well – 27 CMS since the last measurement on Sunday.
July 1st 2017 1620mm
July 2nd 2017 1690mm
July 3rd  2017 1730mm
July 4th  2017 TBA
July 5th  2017 TBA
July 6th  2017 TBA
July 7th  2017 2060mm The runner beans have now reached the top of the poles and strings we put in so this will have to be the last height measurement. The plants are now starting to grow additional stems / stalks from the base.


KS1 Measuring Runner Beans

This was such good fun that we’ll be back in 2018 to do something similar, probably starting with planting the seeds in pots indoors in  March / April.


Click here for our 2018 Runner Bean Growth Chart