Lego Tree House 31010

Lego Tree House: A great little family weekend project.

Keeping the children busy when it’s raining outside: Lego Tree House

Lego Tree House

Lego is a great toy to play with over the weekend. The Lego Creator 31010 Tree House is one of their best kits. It’s a 3 in 1 kit allowing you to build a simple bungalow, a two floor house or a full featured tree house.

Lego Tree House - 3 in 1 kit

We’ve made a little video review to show this kit in some detail:

Lego Tree House 31010

The Advanced Build Lego Tree House 31010.

I think there’s good educational value in building these kits. I get the children to follow the page by page instructions. They then have to count the studs on the pieces shown in the pictures and find the right sized pieces, in the right colour and then work out in three dimensions where to place each piece according to the instructions.

The Tree House shown in the picture above was build over about 3 sessions as I find breaking up the build into sections helps to keep younger children focused.

At the time of writing this kit is available on Amazon for about £27 in the UK. I think that’s not bad value for money, and great to have in store for a rainy weekend or birthday/Christmas present and highly recommend it. See Amazon for more details.

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