Stunning wedding flowers and balloons for Norwich Norfolk

There is an endless romance associated with flowers and weddings.  When I got married, I choose gorgeous large white roses, orchirds, peonies and anything else that was white or cream.  I love white flowers with large amounts of foliage, it reminds me of Spring when all the flowers poke their heads out after Winter.  As I got married in Spring, it was perfect.  I think wedding flowers are perhaps our biggest investment in flowers that we will ever make and helps complete the best day of your life.  Therefore, you have to have what you love providing it is within your budget.

There are so many things to think of and pay for when planning a wedding.  From venue, to wedding dresses, cake and car hire.  Finding an excellent florist well ahead of your wedding date who can advise upon the best selection of flowers for your wedding whilst keeping to your budget, is one thing less to worry about.  Word of mouth is an excellent way to find a florist but if you are looking for a wedding florist in Norwich, Norfolk, you should definitely try florist Claire Carney as she creates stunning wedding flowers.

In addition to this she is also a wonderful balloon decorator covering Norwich and Norfolk.  Balloon and flower decorations would definitely add a WOW factor to your wedding Reception.  It looks so obvious to guests if you have overlooked your Reception with regard to flowers and decorations.  They just add the finishing touches to your special day.  A great table setting with balloons and flowers will be memorable for you and your guests.

I had never considered balloons for my wedding Reception possibly because I didn’t  think that there was much more to balloons than a sausage dog being made from one, but the world has moved on and balloon decorations are sophisticated and create much more of a impact at a lower price than the number of flowers needed to do this.

If you are looking for a florist in Norwich, Norfolk or a florist and balloon decorator, make sure you contact Claire Carney as her stunning designs are sure to make any wedding venue, one to remember.

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