Bakerdays celebration cake, picture showing their sponge cake with fathers day design.

Personalised celebration cakes by bakerdays.

Letterbox Birthday Cake - outer packaging used by Bakerdays to ensure the celebration cake will fit through the letterbox.A few weeks ago I was very pleased to be offered the chance to review bakerdays personalised cakes. I think we’ve all become used to the idea of personalised birthday cards and flowers but I’d never come across anyone offering personalised cakes online for all sorts of occasions such as Birthdays and Anniversaries with next day delivery.

Their website is for celebration cakes what Moonpig is to celebration cards.

As it was Fathers Day I decided to review one of their clever letterbox personalised cakes. These fit in a pizza style delivery box which is just the right size to go through the recipients letterbox without anyone needing to be at home to accept delivery.

Personalised Birthday Celebration Cake, online ordering and next day delivery.I went for one of their standard designs but their website is very flexible and allows you to design your own cake or you can ask one of their in-house designers to do something special for you. As long as you get your order in before 2 PM they are able to offer next day delivery. That’s really amazing when you consider we’re talking about a customised, baked food product and not just some mass produced item being picked and shipped from an Amazon-style distribution centre.
I chose a simple sponge cake but they offer a range from fruitcake to gluten-free.
When you open the package you find a nice greetings card and a sturdy, high-quality cake tin containing your chosen cake. It makes a lovely thoughtful gift and looks impressive when you open it.  I can see people being really surprised and delighted when they receive one of these cakes.
Bakerdays celebration cake, the one shown here is for fathers day but they do birthdays and all other occasions for next day delivery in the UK.The cake sits on a cake board which is a snug fit in the tin. This has been carefully thought through by Bakerdays so that the cake stays in perfect condition as it travels through the post and drops through the letterbox at the other end.

My husband and father, both very special dad’s shared this on Fathers Day when we had a small family gathering.

Cutting into the cake revealed a lovely light sponge and a layer of jam.

My two children (5 and 7) both had a slice and enjoyed the cake and icing and came back for more.

Bakerdays celebration cake, picture showing their sponge cake with fathers day design.

In summary, I was really impressed with this as a new alternative to sending a personalised greetings card and highly recommend it.

If you ever find yourself wondering how to do something a little special for an occasion or you need to arrange a gift at very short notice this is a great idea. It’s ideal for sending personalised celebration cakes for a special birthday, graduation, new job, retirement etc personalised with the person’s name and a congratulatory message. This is very innovative personalised service which I’ll no doubt be using in the future for various celebration events for friends and family.

Until the end of July 2018 you can use voucher code WEEKEND15 to claim 15% off when you place an order by visiting their website at 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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