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Vivid Matcha Lime, Ginger and Honey drink I discovered this great drink by chance one lunchtime when I stopped by Planet Organic in London to pickup a sandwich and a drink. I was about to pick up my usual coconut water when I spotted a new drink. I’ve been a fan of Matcha Green tea for a while and the chance to be able to enjoy this when out and about looked good so I gave it a try.  I was really impressed and have been buying it ever since.

I haven’t found it in my local shops so I order Vivid Matcha Green Tea Drink Lime/ Ginger and Honey 330 ml (Pack of 12) directly from  I take one of these to work most days and enjoy it instead of coffee mid to late morning. I’ve also found this a refreshing drink to have in the car when traveling.

Matcha is a special form of Green Tea. It is harvested from plants which are grown in the shade to control its growth. The leaves are then dried and stone ground into a very fine green powder. Unlike normal tea leaves which you steep in water the Matcha Green Tea powder is mixed into the water and the whole substance is consumed.  By weight, Matcha contains several  times more antioxidants than blueberries, orange juice, spinach  or dark chocolate, so is a useful additional source of antioxidants in your diet.

If you use pure Matcha Green Tea powder at home it can take several minutes to prepare the drink as you have to mix the powder into the hot water and make sure it has dissolved into the water before drinking it – I can’t imagine ever having the time to do that in the office! When prepared in this way the taste always reminds me a little of seaweed but is actually a nice refreshing drink for mornings or lunchtime. Don’t drink it in the evening if you want to get to sleep. On the other hand if you want to stay awake I find this more effective than strong coffee now.

I find that the Vivid Matcha Lime, Ginger and Honey is a very smooth drink and I enjoy the taste of the lime and ginger, the honey adding just enough sweetness and making the overall drink very smooth.  It’s very refreshing as a chilled drink from the fridge.

During the winter months when I had a cold I found this a soothing drink for my sore throat. I think the combination of the antioxidants in the Matcha Green tea, the antiseptic properties of Ginger and the soothing smoothness of the honey work really well.

The front of the 330ml carton reads “Vivid Matcha Lime, Ginger and Honey – Natural Vitality”. On the back it says “Vivid, stay focused and look after body and mind – vivid gives you all the benefits of Matcha, Lime, Ginger and Honey” and then goes on to say “Matcha is the nature’s most powerful green tea, a pure powder prized for centuries by Buddhist Monks for the focus during meditation. We’ve captured their wisdom and locked it tight in this carton. Keep a level head, no highs, no lows, think Vivid”.  On the side it says “Natural Fruit Juices, Not from concentrate, No refined sugars, shake well, drink cold.”

I highly recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee etc.

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